It happens to everyone at one point or another.

They simply stop responding. They stop interacting. It’s like they just don’t care anymore.

No I’m not talking about your cat, I’m referring to your email subscribers!

This could be because of too many reasons to actually list here, but  it always results in the same consequences: You lose out on sales, respect and ultimately any hope that your email marketing will be effective!

But you don’t have to worry about that! We’re here to make sure you’re sending mail that gets a better response than an uninterested look, a click to the trash and playing with a mouse! Check out these 10 tips to re-engage subscribers!

BUT FIRST – A Word to the Wise…

Your first stop should always be at your reports section in your SharpSpring Mail + account. This is where you can find where you can improve your email marketing campaign.

What you want to look for is any obvious holes – bounce rate too high? Clean your list. Don’t have a great click-through rate? Check your call to actions and copy.

We created a great blog on analyzing your reports, so this post won’t go too deep into that – but it’s something to keep in mind.

  • Spice up the Subject Line and Snippet

The first couple of words you present to your readers could be the last thing they see before they decide… “nah.”

Your subject line is the bait and your snippet (or preheadder) is what reels them into the email. Try to keep your subject line to around 9 interesting action words to grab a reader’s attention.

  • Customize and Personalize your Mail

It’s been done again and again… and again.

That’s because personalizing your email has been proven to work! Readers still click when their name is in their inbox even if they’re not entirely certain about the email – Freud would say it’s an ego thing.

However, we’re not going to just rely on some ancient psychologist’s ramblings alone – A 2014 marketing study found that personalized email has a 29% higher unique open rate and 41% higher unique click rate when compared to non-personalized email!

  • Pick your Time and Stick to it

When’s the last time you saw a candy vendor selling candy at midnight? Probably around never. That’s because (besides it being ridiculously creepy) his target market isn’t active at that time.

As an email marketer, you should be applying the same principle – schedule your email to be sent at the right time and you’ll get the right results. Emails reach their best open rates in the first hour of delivery. The chances of a recipient opening your email, no matter how many offers it has, are extremely slim after that first hour.

Plan your send times to be specific to your target market – hit most businesses when they’re checking their email (10:00AM to 11:00AM) and hit consumers when they’re done with their daily tasks (5:00PM to 6:00PM).

What’s important is that you stick to a set time – at least a set day! This way, you create an expectation and build trust with your customers.

  • Action Words

The last thing you want to sound like is a salesman – it just means you’re not a very good one!

Stay away from “one time offer!”, “FREE” and other such formatted buzzwords in the subject line to avoid the spam folder, but use action words like “Sign up now”, “Download”, “Watch the Video” and more in your call to action buttons to make your value offers more appealing.

  • Use Multiple Calls to Action

Everybody loves options.

In email marketing you can give your recipients options by giving them various clickable links in their email.

The last thing you want to do is spam hyperlinks, but HTML buttons, clickable images and any kind of download is always welcomed as an option the reader can take.

According to a recent email marketing study, emails that experienced the most unique open rates provided much more engagement than other communications. These emails were of value to their readers because they gave consumers multiple options and links to useful, relevant information.

What’s more is that the industries that applied this ethos received open rates fifteen times higher than the lowest performers!

Until Next time…

…and we’ll stop it right there for now!

Check back next week for 5 more ideas to revitalize your email marketing – but until then, why not try something new?

SharpSpring Mail + offers two new products that could be the answers to your emarketing prayers – SMTP Relay and SharpSpring Marketing Automation.

Why not contact us, and give them a go?


The wait is officially over!

We’re ready to present to you 5 more ideas to revitalize your email marketing campaign to get your subscribers responding, your clients buying and your email click-through-rate climbing high.

Let’s dive in and nail down the final five tips to revitalize your email marketing campaign!

  • Cut it short

Is your message rambling on more than your grandfather at thanksgiving?

In email marketing, less really is more. You need to make your point and make it quick!

The numbers back this up – a Marketingsherpa experiment found that shorter copy received 100% more clicks than a longer email!
What’s important to note here, is that you may be giving your primary objective too much focus while ignoring your secondary objectives.

Remember – you shouldn’t only have one call to action in your email, so make it easy for readers to navigate and click those other call to actions – don’t gunk it up with extra copy that some readers may not be interested in.

  • Cater to your audience

Do you know who your audience is?

It seems like a really silly question to ask, but consider it for a while – do you know the product they’re interested in, their age, their interests or even where they live?

This is basic marketing information that you should be collecting and updating constantly to keep your edge! So how do you do this?

Well, you could always use report and analytics of your sends and regularly update and segment your list manually – the old fashioned way!

OR… simply use marketing automation software like SharpSpring to do this work for you automatically!

  • Mobilize your mail

This piece of advice is so 2012, but so important – as many email marketers still fail to recognize the importance of optimizing your email for mobile devices!

Responsive design is not a luxury anymore – it’s a necessity. According to an email marketing study, 53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q3 2014. This is an increase from the 48% percent seen in Q2 2014!

This tells us that mobile isn’t slowing down and is in fact becoming more important than regular desktop computers when it comes to targeted email marketing!

  • An image sends a thousand mails

If your response rate is down, it could be because your email looks more like a Dickens novel than a newsletter from the 21st century!

Images in email are a great tool for grabbing the attention of your subscribers as well as getting to the point of your email!

But that’s not all – images increase the likelihood of readers remembering your offer by 65%!

You can find out more about images in email, why and how you should include them here, but the general pointers are that they should always include alt text, no important details should ever be in an image, and to stay away from using them as a background!

  • You’re getting bounced at the door!

No-one likes being bounced at the door – especially your email!

Now, there could be many reasons for this – you could be sending spam-like content, your subject line may sound like a spam email or even your links could be sloppy!

The important thing to remember here is to keep your sender reputation in a good place – that means not spamming, cleaning your mailing list and using certified IPs.

Big senders (upwards of a million emails a month) often run into problems here – with such a huge amount of sending, it’s very easy to fall into a bad reputation. Our SMTP relay service is ideal for larger senders, as it does away with the bottlenecks of checking and regular sending procedures.

Find out more about SMTP relay here, or contact us to find out how to use it!

It’s a Wrap!

That about wraps up our top 10 list for revamping your email marketing campaign. Do you have any tips or techniques of your own for bringing your campaign back from the dead?

Comment or let us know – we always love hearing from you!

  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.