With access to SharpSpring’s powerful marketing automation, SMTP’s strong sending backbone and the email marketing service you know and love from SharpSpring Mail +, you can look forward to 2015 as the golden year in your company’s history.

From now on, getting to the inbox is no longer an objective, it’s an assurance.

Now that’s all well and exciting, but what exactly does this mean for you, the customer?

Well in short, we’re giving you a complete suite of online marketing tools – a speedboat to success, and you’re the captain!

SMTP – A Mail Machine

Many email service providers offer the world to their customers. Users spend hours upon hours creating the perfect newsletter only to find their emails getting stuck in a sending queue – or worse: in the spam folder!

Email marketers often underestimate deliverability. It’s the deciding factor for any email marketing campaign – it doesn’t matter how appealing your email is if nobody sees it.

That doesn’t happen with SMTP.

SMTP provides the backbone to SharpSpring Mail +’s sending structure. It’s the workhorse that ensures your thousands upon millions of emails hit the inbox on time, every time. Deliverability is not a concern with SharpSpring Mail +’s because we offer a 98% delivery rate thanks to SMTP.

What you get with SMTP

  • The fastest delivery possible
  • The strongest sending structure available
  • Ensured inbox deliverability
  • Little to no sending queues
  • 24/7 Multilingual support

More about SMTP – a NASDAQ listed company.

Gain the Edge with SharpSpring

Marketing Automation is at the forefront of marketing innovation and these guys are the new kids on the block!

SharpSpring offers simplified marketing automation combined with the ultimate user-friendly experience.

Better than that, it offers nearly limitless information on any lead that visits your website. Know what each potential customer wants, guide them into the buyer’s cycle then convert them at just the right time.

If you’re an agency looking to offer a hassle-free marketing service that saves time and money, or a business looking to monitor and improve their website’s return on investment, this tool is your key to success.

What you get with SharpSpring

  • Target specific segments of an audience
  • Track website traffic and gain information on products they’re interested in
  • Save time by automating a buyer’s cycle
  • Analyse and track your website’s performance
  • No long term contracts
  • Free, unlimited support
  • Best user-interface on the web

With SharpSpring, you’ll make yourself an invaluable resource to your customers because you’ll know them better than they do!

These combined companies will provide a suite of email services – Email infrastructure through SMTP relays, email marketing through SharpSpring Mail + and marketing automation through SharpSpring. Unifying the data across all three related messaging areas will lead to an integrated and improved marketing tool for SharpSpring Mail + clients.

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