Goals are important! It’s how you keep growing, keep learning and (more importantly) stay in business!

Have you set your goals for this year? The way we here at SharpSpring Mail + see it; you should always have a solid set of 4 goals in mind no matter the time of year, size of your business or industry you’re in!
A lot of these goals can be easier said than accomplished! Anyone who’s set a new year’s resolution about going to the gym more than McDonald’s knows what I’m talking about here!

No sweat, no problem! We’re here to help. Here are our 4 dead-set goals for email marketers and how to accomplish them.

1.Grow your Mailing List

After the new year’s party, you may not want to contact certain people, but a group you should always keep in touch with is your email subscriber list – and it should be growing faster than your list of broken new year’s resolutions.

Growing your mailing list can be a confusing, painful experience – but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s 3 ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Use an inline overlay – like a bar on top of your website.
  • Host a competition that requires an email address to enter.
  • Host an event to educate and spread the word.

For detailed information on growing your mailing list, check out this blog post.

2. Drive your Deliverability Up

Everyone in the email marketing world talks about this thing called ‘Deliverability.’

Essentially it refers to the pivotal point of your email marketing: getting to the inbox in one piece, with your call to action alive and well!

Deliverability’s blessing is the same as its curse – you can always improve on it! SharpSpring Mail + offers multiple tools for handling your own deliverability. We have reports, list clean up tools, A/B testing and spam test tools that you can use today to improve your deliverability. Here are some other actions you can take right now to improve your deliverability.

  • Include a live unsubscribe link in your emails
  • Include your company details at the end of every email
  • Use a double opt-in for all your signup forms
  • Test, test and test again – if you email blast thousands of emails to the spam box, your delivery rating will suffer

However, if you want a quick and easy solution, we recommend using our SMTP relay service, which does away with the bottlenecks such as sending queues and checking procedures.

3. Up the Click-Through-Rate

You’re sending out emails and they’re getting opened and read. That’s great news, but it’s not going to be making you money anytime soon!

You have to make sure that your emails are achieving the purpose you have set for them, and for most people, that means driving traffic to your website or pricing page. The primary (and best) way of measuring this, is by taking notice of your CTR – that’s Click-Through-Rate for all you uninitiated out there!

Here’s some ideas to start boosting your CTR.

  • Segment your list and create emails that appeal to each segment
  • Clear, concise copy and clear call to actions = clear profit
  • Videos and social buttons – they have been reported to increase your CTR by 300%!
  • Focus on news; not promotions

We also have a great blog post on this if you’re still hungry for more ways to become the Click Through King of the inbox.

4. Scout out New Tools

The problem with just doing the above three points is that every email marketer is doing those staple things every year. So how do you get ahead of the pack and become top dog?

The answer is to find new tools that do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what really counts and free up some space in your schedule.

SharpSpring is a marketing automation tool with none of the fuss and all of the advantages. It lets you know who visited your site, what they’re looking at and when they’re most likely to buy.

SMTP gives you the best delivery rate in the industry at a 98% success rate and gives you a free pass to the inbox! What’s not to like?

Happy Sending!

At the heart of it, you want to keep improving – live fish don’t stop swimming, after all!

Do you have any personal objectives to achieve in 2015? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help you reach your goals!

  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.