Online retailers and eCommerce sites are the shopping malls of the 21st century.

Thanks to automated email marketing, businesses are now able to create a website, set up autoresponders and automatically market personalized products and recommendations at the ideal time  – all with minimal effort!

Modern civilization has truly become an effortless society – and email marketing has just become easier for online retailers!

Autoresponders take the effort out of email marketing, especially if you’re an online retailer or running an ecommerce site – and emarketers are catching on!

According to The Lenskold Group 2013 Lead-Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study,

78% of successful marketers say marketing automation systems are most responsible for improving revenue contribution.

Here’s 4 quick and effective autoresponders that you can set and automate today!

Abandonment Autoresponder Emails

Abandonment Emails are automatically sent to a person who started, but soon stopped an activity such as placing items in their cart or browsing certain offers. Many online marketers include the item in the email and offer advice or alternatives to their selection.

Typically there are two kinds of abandonment emails online retailers can use:

  • Browse Abandonment – these emails are sent when a customer has browsed items on your website, but then left without purchasing anything
  • Cart Abandonment – sent when a customer adds items to their cart, but does not actually proceed to checkout.

These give the recipient another chance to purchase the item they were interested in or possibly a less expensive item through the recommendation in the autoresponder email.

However, it is important to note when not to use Abandonment Emails or trigger mail in general, such as when you suspect your customer will feel their privacy is being infringed upon or for products and services they may not want others to know they are using. These are typically products and services that are sensitive or taboo, such as adult services, financial services and gambling.

After-Sale Drips

They say you can’t get blood out of a stone, but you can always get more cash out of a customer!

After-Sale Drip email campaigns specialize in getting more business out of your current customers by suggesting related products, additional services or great features available on upgrade a while after your initial sale.

Once a customer has purchased an item, set up your autoresponder to send similar or complimentary products and include links to your product landing pages.

However, be sure to set a time delay after the initial buy- no one wants to spend more money straight after a purchase. In addition, try not to sell unrelated products. You have a better chance at selling related products that already have their interest.

Onboarding Mail

Everyone knows about the “welcome mail” but is it enough to get the new subscriber engaged with your product?

Onboarding Mail refers to sending a series of email to new customers with tips on where to start and how to accomplish tasks using your product or service.

Use triggered email to schedule periodic messages to new customers explaining how they can use your product or service or where to get started. This is a great way to get customers involved with your service and discover more products that they may decide to purchase to enhance their current experience.

  • Welcome Emails – sent when a new customer joins your subscriber list.
  • Onboarding Emails – a series of emails that are sent to a new subscriber giving tips and hints on what to do next.

Receipt Recommendations

It’s almost a given that customers should receive an email after they have purchased a product or service from your company thanking them for their business and confirming their decision.

This kind of automated mail is ideal to include similar products or service recommendations in the transactional email receipt, as the customer is already interested in that kind of product, your company, and has sufficient trust to make a purchase (as they already have!).

In addition to the above benefits, customers are more likely to open receipt email as they are expecting it and would probably like to ensure that the details are correct.

Unlike After-Sales drips, these should be brief descriptions, small pictures and links to the products rather than fully blown promotional emails.

What we do to help

So there you have it! Four quick, minimal effort autoresponder emails any online retailer could set up today!

SharpSpring Mail + offers autoresponder tools that work alongside your email marketing report tools to automatically send out email marketing – so you don’t have to!

We also offer resources and white papers on the best practises in the email marketing industry – what’s not to like?

But remember – when it comes to autoresponders and automated email marketing, your creativity is the limit!

  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.