You gotta know the numbers – Rain Man knew the numbers, and he turned out just fine!

Like Las Vegas, email marketing numbers are the bottom line for deciding when to invest and what to focus on – and unlike Las Vegas, you can always bet on email marketing!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at our top 20 email marketing statistics and decide for yourself.

Email Marketing Has the Highest ROI than Any Marketing Medium

(Digital Marketing Association, 2013)

We all know email marketing is effective, but did you know that it gives you the best bang for your buck?

An email marketing campaign sent to thousands of people can be implemented by a single person’s dedicated hour of time. What’s more is that no design or coding experience is necessary due to all major email service providers providing easily customizable email templates.

Outlook is Currently the Fastest Growing Email Client on the Market

(, 2015)

Well, that’s a worse upset than Brazil at the Fifa World Cup!

At +1.35%, Outlook is even outpacing Gmail as the fastest growing email client. However, it should be noticed that Apple iPhone, Gmail and Apple iPad email clients still hold most of the market share at 28%, 16% and 11% respectively.

Email marketers should focus on email preview functions and responsive design if you they want to appeal to their market, as Outlook has a history of tearing up emails that try to look good.

45% of Email Opens Occurred on Mobile

(Email Monday, 2015)

If you’re not designing your email for mobile devices, it’s the 90s, you’ve just watched Jurassic Park and your email marketing campaign is failing.

Optimizing email marketing designs for mobile is a critical objective for the modern email marketer. SharpSpring Mail + email templates are all designed to be responsive and work from mobiles – from iPads to Smartphones.

One in Five Consumers said They Read Every Email Newsletter They Receive.

(Forrester Research, “North american technographics survey”, 2014)   

If you were wondering if anyone actually reads your newsletters – here’s your answer, without even checking your reports function!

This statistic is quite impressive when you consider that email marketing mailing lists usually comprise of thousands of contacts and addresses. Email marketing may not be as flashy as some of the other tools on the market, but it’s a tool you can rely on!

Emails with Social Sharing Buttons Increase Click Through Rates by 158%.

(Nonprofit Hub, 2015)

Much like a French Mime, an email marketing campaign that doesn’t have a good Click-Through rate is almost useless.

Including social sharing buttons allows your promotional email to go viral and be shared with audiences similar to your target market. What’s not to like?

Play The Game

Now that you know the numbers, you can play (and win) the game of email marketing!

Of course, you need the right tool to get the job done – and SharpSpring Mail is like a toolbox for inbox success! Use reports, advanced email features and a 98% delivery rate to get your message out there and converting!

Have your own rules for the game? Contact us and let us know, or get your free trial of SharpSpring Mail + today!

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