SharpSpring Mail+ launches

SharpSpring Mail+ launches: email marketing PLUS a whole lot more After more than a decade of providing email marketing solutions, we’re taking bold steps to offer customers more. GraphicMail is now SharpSpring Mail+ — and the difference is more than a name change. SharpSpring Mail+ provides the functions and deliverability you expect from a regular… Read More


6 Tips on How to Avoid SPAM

A major news site ran a recent poll about dealing with SPAM which, of course, is a topic that’s very relevant to emailers everywhere. Slightly fewer than 14,000 individuals took part, and these were the results: 5% of people said they’d change their mobile/e-mail address 28% said they tend to ignore spam and hope it… Read More

Sales & Email

Of Sales and Email

Why does email marketing perform so well? If it really is so cost effective why do so many claim that it simply doesn’t do as well as what the stats say it does? Well, the reply is short: many businesses get their email marketing incorrect and make silly but easily corrected mistakes. The jury is… Read More