It’s a new year – new technologies, new strategies and campaigns!

But what new tools are there?

Online marketers are catching onto the idea that automated marketing tools are powerful, adaptable and gain more conversions and better leads in a short amount of time.

In fact, according to EmailMondays, by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a single human… sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it?

Well you can take that tinfoil hat off because it’s already happening: automation users have a 53% higher conversion rate than those who don’t – and you can expect this number to rise steadily in the future!

You can’t beat the system – so why not simply join it?

What’s great about automation is that it’s a perfect fit for email marketing! Here’s some tips on how to get it the two tools working hand in hand!

Automated Mail

The Tool You’ll Need – SharpSpring

Automated marketing tracks prospective leads movements on your website, from where they entered, where they exited and even what they read! It’s like BigBrother except this time YOU’RE the one winning!

Every time a visitor hits a page, they earn a lead score – the better the page, the better the lead score, the more likely a customer will hit the buy button with a little persuasion!

Automation users can set up an automated email to leads that achieve a certain lead score or even visit a certain page – and with the integration of Email Service Providers like SharpSpring Mail +, you can design your email with our email creator.

Use it for…

  • Lead nurturing – send relevant, targeted promotional email to different leads when they’re thinking of buying.
  • Support and Help – a visitor’s visiting a help page more often than usual? Send them a tutorial video in an email with a detailed FAQ!
  • Instant Sales Notifications – send an email (or text!) notification to a sales agent when a lead is ready to buy! SharpSpring collects the lead’s contact information, as well as their interests, to make it a done deal.

Transactional Mail

The Tool You’ll need – SMTP Transactional Email

We all know this kind of email!

It’s the one that cheerfully informs you that your payment has gone through whenever you outbid a retiree on eBay! It’s the one that pops into your inbox straight after any transaction or action you take on another website thanking you for whatever they deem as praiseworthy… like supporting their cause to get richer!

However, email marketers are only scratching the tip of the iceberg with this advanced tool – the door (and the inbox) is wide open for innovation and creative use!

Use it for…

  • Receipt Wishlist Promotions – you’re sending an email automatically, the customer is expecting the email and is already invested in your company. Why not include a similar promotion or mention right after the email receipt with similar or complimentary products?
  • Customer Relations – after each interaction with a sales agent or support staff member, you can set up a transactional email responder asking them to rate the service they received. This gives the client a sense of trust and gives you immediate feedback on where you can improve!
  • Introductory Emails – new subscriber or customer? Send them an automated welcome email with links to tutorials or help resources. Maybe include links to other pages a new visitor will find interesting.


  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.