Competition is what drives individuals to achieve more.

The very fabric of western civilization and capitalism was built on man’s (or woman’s!) indubitable drive to compete against one another.

A recent Silverpop benchmark study into open and bounce rates compared the success of different email marketing campaigns from different industries and produced results that would make Lenin cry and Marx roll in his grave!

The study shows that there is a significant gap between the top performers, the mediocre and the bottom feeders – all using email marketing.

Coincidence, fate and luck are for bad romantic comedies – there are clear reasons why these top performing industries are outdoing their competitors that you can apply to your own email marketing efforts – no matter your industry!

Higher engagement means higher sales figures

The difference between listening to what someone has to say VS hearing what they have to say is engagement with the material. Anyone who has had a bad valentines date will have heard this speech.

According to the study, emails that experienced the most unique open rates provided much more engagement in their emails than the other industries. Much like a good date, these emails were of value to their readers. They gave consumers multiple options and links to useful, relevant information as well as useful content that readers wished to save and consult more than once.

What’s more is that the industries that applied this ethos received open rates fifteen times higher than the lowest performers! The top three were Healthcare companies (23.4 percent), Nonprofits (23.1 percent) and Education (22.7 percent).

Content that readers consult more than once have something useful and relevant to their activities. Think about a thought provoking quote or statistic that they could use in their own emails or conversations. It could even be tips on how to improve their email, practises or engagement with other people – the possibilities are endless if you give some thought to it!

Sharing is caring. Remember – give your reader the opportunity to socially share their awesome mail with their friends and spread the love!

People Buy News, Not Promotions

People are more likely to lend an ear to a gossiping friend than a salesman and they are more likely to watch the nightly news than the Verimark channel.

Industries that sent emails with content concerning news and information over sales and promotions enjoyed the highest click through rates – 6 times higher to be exact!

The industry leaders according to click through rate are: Real Estate and Construction (2.8 percent), Healthcare (2.6 percent), Consumer Services (2.3 percent).

In addition the study suggested that the email content (especially regarding healthcare) would be more personalized or relevant to recipients than other industry emails making readers more likely to engage with the email thus improving click through rates.

Don’t email your clients if you have nothing new to say and be sure to personalize your messages so that you build a connection with your client. SharpSpring Mail + offers detailed personalization tools that will help you on your quest for better click through rates.

Clean for the Green!

Everybody’s favorite colour is green. Open your wallet and tell me otherwise!

If you want more green, you gotta go clean if the study is anything to go by. Indications show that email marketers are taking list hygiene and sender reputation seriously.

The overall median hard-bounce rate was just under 0.04 percent. That’s an eye-popping 95 percent decline from the previous year, when the median was 0.8 percent.

A clean list has many benefits, but the most important ones are that you save money, engage clients who are most likely to respond positively and improve your deliverability! There really is no excuse to not clean up your list and those who don’t will soon be survived by those who do!

What do you think of the findings? Can we draw any more conclusions from the study? Let us know and comment below!


  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.