It’s difficult to predict the future – especially in such an ever shifting industry like the digital marketing industry. However, if you expect to stay ahead of your competitors and dominate the inbox with your email sends you’ve got to keep an eye on developing trends within your industry.

Have no fear – SharpSpring Mail + has got you covered! Here are some insights based on recent email marketing statistics and email delivery experts from around the world.

Email Marketing in Five Years Time

Email Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere

Here’s the good news – only 9% of digital marketing agencies believe that email marketing will be redundant within 5 years. Most of the digital marketing companies and experts believe that email will become fully integrated with other marketing channels like SharpSpring marketing automation.

This is a logical step towards convenience in digital marketing. Not only is it much easier to access all of your digital marketing campaigns and operations from one login, but keeping all your analytics, emails and reports in one location makes your future email marketing campaigns more effective.

Email Marketing Will Be Personalized

76% of respondents strongly believe that all email will be personalized in the next five years. The question here is not whether it will be personalized, really. It should be whether agencies can afford to not use personalization anymore.

Personalization has many benefits such as increased open and engagement rates, however, email recipients are more reluctant than ever to open an email that doesn’t even address them by name in this day and age. In order to stay ahead and on top of their game, email marketers will have to see personalization as the default rather than as a bonus.

“I think personalisation will go beyond the content of the email. It will be about reaching the right person at the right time with the right content for the right device. We’ll move away from email campaigns being sent out in one big hit to spreading them out over days, weeks, months to create a truly personalised experience.”

Email Marketing Will Still Be the King of ROI

While marketing automation and other tools will always boost ROI and help digital marketers with their marketing campaigns, email marketing is expected by 74% of respondents to keep generating an insane ROI value.

Part of the reason why email marketing is able to generate a great ROI value is because of how cost effective and easy it is to implement. With newer tools such as ShrapSpring marketing automation becoming simpler and easier to use year by year, email marketers will have to keep an eye on what works best for their business depending on their situation.

The Jury is Still Out on Marketing Automation

Over half (53%) of marketers believe that all email will be automated in the future while 32% strongly disagree.

It’s widely accepted that marketing automation can boost your company’s performance seemingly overnight – which accounts for the 53% of marketers supporting the move to automation. However, a complete shift to marketing automation requires entire companies to completely change the way they operate. This brings with it a great deal of resistance to the idea of making the change to marketing automation.

Luckily, with more and more automation platforms becoming easier to use, this may no longer be a problem within 5 years.

“A new product replacing our use of emails – with younger generations coming in, communication is different and their relationship with email will affect the channel in the long term. With those new channels, a marketer can adapt, but their capabilities will be limited.”

Welcome To The Future

Email marketing will continue to be a reliable marketing tool for online marketers and digital agencies in the coming years – it will just continue to develop in unique and interesting ways.

What are your thoughts on the development of email marketing? Let us know in the comments!

*Facts, figures and quotes were taken from the Econsultancy Email Marketing Benchmark Report 2015

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