Email Marketing Beginner Concepts

If you’re going to play the game you need to know the lingo!

You don’t want to be that guy at an email marketing cocktail party smiling and pretending you know what people are talking about when they say the new SPF in DMARC causes hard bounces since CAN-SPAM.

You’ll be about as popular as the fourth ghostbuster no-one remembers.

And email marketing is all about getting people to remember – so remember these concepts apply them to your campaign, and know what you’re talking about!


Sender Policy Framework  is an authentication method that makes it harder for spammers to send an email from your domain.


Anti-spam legislation for the United States that protects citizens from spam messages. To comply you have to identify yourself, why you are sending and make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe.

Bounces – Hard Bounce and Soft Bounce

Bounces refer to your email being rejected from a recipient’s inbox. Hard Bounces are when there is a permanent issue and Soft Bounces refer to a temporary problem such as the inbox being too full or the server being down.


Including tags that identify and include personalized details from your recipients in your email, EG: Dear [first name].

Feedback Loop

When a reader clicks the ‘report spam’ button, their email client automatically notifies the Internet Service Provider in question. The ISP then sends out a report via email to the sender (or their representative, like SharpSpring Mail +). This process is called a Feedback Loop.

B2B / B2C Marketing

B2B refers to business to business marketing while B2C refers to business to consumer marketing. Basically, it’s the difference between selling a product to a business to use or for a consumer to use.


Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance is a specification using SPF to test the email. In order to pass DMARC, the SPF must pass.

Autoresponder / Triggered Email / Transaction Email

Email that is sent after the consumer has completed a certain action is sent via an autoresponder. Examples of this email include confirmation emails and welcome emails to name a few.

Keep Learning to Keep Earning

There’s a phenomenal amount of email marketing terminology these days with more technology being developed each day.

SharpSpring Mail + has resources on every level of email marketing for the emarketer who wants to keep earning and learning.

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