Nobody likes a spammer. They’re those guys who come to a party and keep telling you the same story over and over hoping you’ll take an interest in their obscure hobbies.

But what if you’re that guy but you don’t know it?

Many email marketers find that their mail automatically gets sent to the spam folder or that their mail gets reported as spam – even when they had no intention to spam!

If this is happening to you, you better take a look at these guidelines and find out how you can prevent your mail being sent to the email spam folder, and your campaign to the trash can.

Why did my Mail Land in the Email Spam Folder?

A wide array of factors determine where your mail lands or if it is marked as spam automatically. The most common aspects to watch out for include the following:

  • The content itself – avoid spammy words, too many images, no images and coloured text. (A good rule is to try appear professional – would Alan Grey send blinking pink text?)
  • The subject line – avoid words like free / one-time-offer / urgency words, words all in capitals or no capitals at all
  • Your sender reputation is far too low
  • You’ve been blacklisted

3 Tips to Avoid Being Reported as Spam

  • Tip #1:Be relevant. Opening an email and finding something completely different to the subject line is like biting an apple and tasting brussel sprouts. Don’t surprise your readers with unexpected content.
  • Tip #2: Give readers what they signed up for. Don’t send more content than you advertise, or you risk angering A LOT of people.
  • Tip #3: Keep your content interesting and relatable to the reader and you will reduce the likelihood they will perceive it as spam. Segmenting your lists according to interest, age and gender will help!

Tips Going Forward to Avoid Being Marked as Spam

Now that you have a healthy reputation, how do you keep it that way? There’s a couple of simple practises you can implement today to help your deliverability stay in tip top shape.

  • Double Opt In – make sure you send a verification email after you have them subscribed.
  • Offer Value – always give people a reason to read through your mail.
  • Include an Unsubscribe Option – and honour requests to be removed.
  • Re-Opt In – Send a mail every now and then to verify if your consumer would still like to receive mail. If you get no response, delete them off your list.
  • NEVER buy lists – always earn them.

What Tools can I use to Improve my Sender Reputation?

SharpSpring Mail + offers a couple of features that you can use today to improve your sender reputation.

  • Reports feature – this will show bounces and how your email is faring.
  • List clean up – mailing lists can decay and email addresses can become abandoned. Leave the hard work to us and we will clean your list for you.
  • A/B Testing – this will test which mail is better received by readers

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  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.