Tests inspire tormented memories of late nights, blank minds and stressed students, but in email marketing tests mean early sends, full bank accounts and relaxed clients!

They epitomise the concept of looking before you leap.

Email tests offer email marketers the ability to see into the future and find out what will happen with their email marketing efforts, taking the surprise and uncertainty out of the equation.

There are three important tests to consider when sending your email out – A/B Split tests, Inbox Previews and Spam Tests.

A/B Split Tests

These tests are used to decide which concept or direction to pursue for the best results. Two different emails are sent to two separate groups and the results are tracked to find out which email receives the best response.

Use A/B Split Tests to…

  • Find out which subject line receives the most opens
  • Find out which emails are better for user engagement: Text based, picture based or a mix of the two.
  • Find out which layout is more popular with readers
  • Find out what content is shared more
  • Compare any difference in any email and their effects

In short, A/B Split Tests identify which emails perform better allowing you to send the most popular email to your clients.

Inbox Preview / Tests

Inbox Preview tests ensure that your email is never rendered incorrectly on your subscriber’s screens. This test allows you to see how your email will be portrayed on a wide array of devices, email clients and browsers.

Whether your readers are using their cell phones, tablets or computers; your email will be received and readable.

Use Inbox Preview to…

  • Check that your mail is optimized for mobile devices
  • Check that your images are rendered correctly across all devices and browsers
  • Check that your email is readable on all devices and clients

The best Inbox Preview functions test your mail against a huge variety of email clients and devices. It should also test your how your mail will render on combinations of these devices and clients (EG: Firefox using Gmail on an Android Tablet). This ensures that you will always be able to deliver your message to your readers.

Spam Tests

Spam folders are the bane of every honest email marketer. Nevertheless, many find their email in the spam folder and their campaign in trouble.

Spam tests check your mail for anything that may be identified as spam before you send. This helps you find the inbox and avoid the spam folder.

Spam Tests help you…

  • Deliver your message to your reader
  • Avoid spam traps and spam reports
  • Test your mail completely. Subject lines, images, links, HTML code, content etc.
  • Understand what content is identified as spam to different spam filters

Tests help boost your email marketing campaign before you send your email out, minimizing risk and maximizing deliverability. The extent of which depends on how reliable your test tools are.  

The Best Provider, Provides the Best

You expect the best, so we provide the best.

SharpSpring Mail + gives access the the best A/B Split Tests, Inbox Previews and available.

We offer an accurate Spam Test function to all clients that test your mail across all major spam filters used by most email inboxes as well as a robust inbox preview function that uses a multitude of email devices, client and browser combinations to determine how your mail will render to any reader – all under the ‘Send’ tab on the left of the client, how simple is that?

The results are accurate, detailed and guaranteed to get your message past the spam filter and to your readers.


  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.