You need to know where you’ve been if you want to get to where you’re going.

Many email marketers type out some copy, paste some images, blast the email out to thousands of addresses, then do the same thing over and over expecting results. While it may be true that email blast marketing has the highest ROI than any other medium out there, that fact only applies when it’s done well – but how do you improve on your bulk email sends if you’re just doing the same thing over and over again without any idea on how you’re doing?

Sure, if the sales figures go up, you’re doing something right, but how do you credit your success to your email marketing campaign?

Stop wondering and start finding out! This blog post will highlight some of the ways you can see how well your email marketing campaign is doing!

Know the Rates

If you want to improve your email blasts, you have to keep your finger on the pulse of your campaign – and that pulse comes in three different rates.

Namely the Open Rate, Click Through Rate and Bounce Rate are the three rates you need to know!

The Open Rate


You guessed it, this is the rate at which your email is opened by your subscribers. You can find this rate under the ‘Reports’ section of your SharpSpring Mail +account.

If your open rate is low, the first thing you should check is your subject line. Does it sound interesting enough to open? Words like “Invitation”, “introducing” and “We” usually see great open rates for any email marketing send – but for a chance at a spectacular 14.68% improvement in open rate, personalize your subject line with the recipient’s name.

The Click Through Rate

This rate is really important because it indicates if your email fulfilled its purpose – driving traffic to your website!

Every email should ask something of your readers. Many email marketers include multiple links or call to actions in their email leading to various web pages. Your Click Through Rate is what monitors how many people actually click on those links and visit those pages from your email.

If your Click Through Rate is suffering, take a look at the content of the email itself. Ask yourself if it rendered correctly, was well written or well designed. If those technical aspects are covered, critically analyse the call to action. Is it convincing and does it stand out enough to justify a click?

Linking phrases or words is a start, but hardly the most effective way to get a click! Here’s three ways that increase the likelihood of getting those elusive clicks out of your mass email sends:

  • HTML Buttons – These stand out and make themselves apparent as options for the reader.
  • Play Buttons – Videos are always a hit for recipients, but including entire videos in an email blast is tricky business. An easy way to get around this is to include a link to the video on an image with a play button on (like YouTube does) to get the click.
  • Include a Download – Offering some free content serves as an appetizer for readers that they can’t resist. To use it to your advantage, however, you have to ask for something in return. For example, if they click on the download link, it takes them to a landing page where they have to submit their information, or at least scroll down the page where you can persuade them to take more action.

Bounce Rate

This one is the bad guy of the bunch. The higher your bounce rate, the more dead-end addresses you have and the more emails that aren’t making it to the inbox.

Bounces come in two forms:

Soft Bounces are when there’s a temporary issue delivering your mail to an inbox. Your email will continue to try and get delivered. If after three days it keeps getting rejected (bounced) then it is identified as a Soft Bounce.

Hard Bounces refer to your email being completely rejected from the get go – your email was blocked and will always be blocked. This could be due to a couple of reasons such as sending to incorrect or invalid email addresses, low sender reputation or sending to inactive addresses.

To combat the bounce rate, keep your mailing list up to date and relevant by implementing a double opt-in process for your subscriber list and cleaning your mailing list regularly. This way, you’ll be sending email to recipients who are interested in your email marketing communications while still protecting your sender reputation.

Did you Know?

SharpSpring Mail + sends through SMTP – the leader in international delivery!

We understand that It’s all about getting to the inbox and getting your message read. That’s why our SMTP sending servers have a 98% delivery rate, the highest in the industry.

Work with the us, and we’ll worry about the rest – join SMTP and win back the inbox.

Stay tuned to the blog to find out more ways to get SMTP sender certified and take your email marketing campaign to the next level!

  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.