How Email Synergizes with Mobile and Social

Mobile, Social and of course, Email – the holy trinity of online marketing…

Misusing any of the three could lead to damnation and online hellfire while synergizing the three leads to benevolent results of Godly proportions!

However, getting all the tools to work together can be as daunting as bringing peace to a Metallica concert – with even more screaming, angry customers!

Here’s some quick tips on how to get the most out of your integrated marketing campaign!

Ways to Synergize Email with Mobile

  • Recycle Responsive Content

Through responsive email templates, you can save time and money by simply creating one email that can be read on desktop computers as well as mobile phones.

  • Simplified, Scannable Content

Your content should be able to be read within minutes, or better yet… not have to be read at all! Shortening your email content and making it scannable by including precise, clear call-to-actions will make it that much more readable (and successful!) on a mobile screen.

  • Quoting Shortcodes

In your mobile marketing campaign, you should be taking advantage of shortcodes (more on that later). A shortcode is a 5 or 6 digit number that can send and receive SMSs – e.g. “SMS ‘traffic alerts’ to 97233”. You can place your shortcode number and keywords in your email communications to gain traction for your mobile campaign. This is a great way to get new customer leads!

Ways to Synergize Email with Social

  • Share your Awesome Design

Well crafted emails aren’t just meant for converting – they’re meant to inspire, entertain and just be something that others should see. These kind of emails should be shared on your social media page so that others can enjoy it, and hopefully share it with all of their connections.

  • Widget Link it

Thanks to email service providers, with a click of a button you can link all of your social media accounts from your email. These links will be automatically displayed at the bottom of your email within the relevant images (the Twitter Bird, the Facebook Logo etc). This makes it easy for consumers to connect with your brand through email.

  • Grow your Mailing List

Social media is one of the best locations to grow your mailing list. Not only do interested parties get to see your opt-in list, but they’re already at a computer, engaging with your material. This means they’re more likely to spend the time to sign up.

Synergize to Energize your Email Marketing!

Very simple, very easy and most importantly, very effective!

You can easily monitor these results in the reports tools most email service providers supply their clients.

Be sure to make the most of the tools at your disposal and soon you’ll earn the worship and admiration of email marketers everywhere!

Go on, become a emarketing legend.


  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.