Every month I plan our monthly newsletter and spend at least a day putting it together to make it interesting and informative for our subscribers; and every month I experience a little bit of what I like to call “email send anxiety”.

There are a few crucial steps in this process that I am always worried about leaving out, in case you might get that same feeling every now and then.

So here are the top 3 things I…almost forget to check before I send our newsletters.

Alt tags for images

Images are most often not displayed by default in your subscriber’s email accounts so alt tags are important.  They’re important because they are a sneak preview as to what the image contains and should entice the reader to click “allow images to be display”.  They should ideally have a strong call to action.  It becomes even more important to include alt tags when your email contains images only.  I don’t want my reader to receive a blank email.

Inbox Preview

This is the easiest way to check what your newsletter will look like across multiple email clients.  It’s also the easiest thing to forget to do before a send.  Sometimes in a rush to send your newsletter you might skip this step to save time but believe me it can save you some embarrassment later on.

Spelling, grammar and broken links

Oh yes, the most obvious but sometimes the most overlooked. By the time I am ready to send a test I’ve written, read and re-read the copy so many times that I tend to automatically fill in the blanks and leave words out. So it’s no surprise when I send a test to a colleague so that they can proof read it, they will pick up at least two spelling errors or incorrect use of grammar or sometimes a link is broken.  So it’s very important to send a test to someone else before sending to your mailing list.

There are a lot of things to consider when creating your newsletters so the best tip I can give you is give yourself enough time to plan, write, and design your newsletter. Then remember to check it and then check it again.  This way you’ll avoid “email send anxiety”.

Let us know of any other ‘anxieties’ you might have when designing your email marketing campaigns.


  • Author: maryka.burger

  • Maryka has worked across multiple industries ranging from hard news journalism to digital tech companies and advertising. She is an expert at building online presence, and offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, social media and automation trends to agencies and digital start-ups.