Powerful Features

Built to optimize your marketing.

Send Hyper-Personalized Emails

Stop sending “email blasts,” and create targeted messages that convert. Use dynamic content and advanced segmentation to send contacts just the right information at critical points of their buying journeys. Drag-and-drop your way to beautiful emails with our WYSIWYG editor and responsive templates.

Hyper personalized email

Create Forms That Convert

Build and update forms in minutes with the SharpSpring Mail+ drag-and-drop editor — no web developer needed. Add CSS to customize forms to fit your brand, and include custom fields to capture data important to you. Site tracking auto-populates fields for return visitors, improving conversion. You can even map fields from 3rd-party and native forms.

Forms that convert

Advanced Segmentation

Demographic info is boring. Use “after the click” tracking to see every page contacts visit, so you know exactly what makes them tick. Use this “behavior-based” information to build dynamic lists and send relevant emails that convert.

Advanced Segmentation

Behavioral-Based Tracking and Insights

SharpSpring Mail+ goes beyond simple delivery, open and click reporting, by tracking what contacts do “after the click.” VisitorID tracks every page visit, and form-fill-out to show you how a contact is interacting with your brand — all in one visual timeline.

Behavior Based Tracking

Basic Marketing Automation

Use workflows and tasks to keep contacts engaged and react to their behaviors automatically. For example, launch a drip campaign that educates customers over the course of their purchase decision, and send a discount offer when the contact appears ready to buy.

Basic Marketing Automation

Actionable Data and Insights

Make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics. Sure, we’ve got real-time stats on deliveries, opens and clicks, but SharpSpring Mail+ goes beyond that with behavioral-based tracking, form insights, and other powerful metrics.

Actionable Data and Insights

Easy to Use, Easy to Integrate

Marketing is complicated. Your email marketing platform shouldn’t be. SharpSpring Mail+’s intuitive interface gets you up and running quickly. Plus, we make it effortless to integrate with the apps you already use.

Easy integration