List Features:

Advanced Behavior-Based Segmentation

Dynamic List Builder

Create rules-based lists that update automatically as contacts meet list criteria. Add and remove contacts based on the actions they take, such filling out a form or visiting a specific page on your website. Manage subscribes and unsubscribes with ease.

Dynamic List Builder

Upload Lists

Got your own list? Click and load .xls, .csv, and other data lists to your SharpSpring Mail+ contact manager in seconds. Create list rules to exclude by any variable.

upload lists

VisitorID Contact Tracking

SharpSpring Mail+ goes beyond simple delivery, open and click reporting, by tracking what contacts do “after the click.” Track every page visit and build custom lists and emails based on specific contacts’ interests.

VisitorID Contact tracking

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to capture contact information that’s important to you. Use this information to build static or dynamic lists based on contacts' profiles.

custom fields