Contact Tracking Features:

Behavior-Based, After-the-Click Insights

Advanced Contact Manager

People are more than a name and email address. The SharpSpring Mail+ contact manager includes photos, links to social media accounts, like Facebook and LinkedIn, and a visual timeline of how they’re interacting with your brand - opens, clicks, form fill-outs, and page visits.

Advanced Contact Manager

VisitorID Tracks Contact Behavior

VisitorID uses behavioral-based tracking to offer insights into who’s visiting your site, where they came from, each specific page they visited, and how long they stayed on the site.

Multiple Device Tracking

SharpSpring Mail+ recognizes and tracks all of the various devices contacts use to visit your site, including smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets.

multiple devices

Email and Text Alerts

Transform your website into a two-way communication tool. Set up notifications to alert internal staff when a contact visits an important page. Know when contacts are close to purchasing so you can take action.

Emails and Text Alerts

Custom Fields

Every business wants to capture unique information. SharpSpring Mail+ has numerous custom fields to capture the data you need. Free form text boxes, pick lists, or whatever you need. Segment, run reports, and export lists based on any combination of fields.

Custom Fields