After more than a decade of providing email marketing solutions, we're taking bold steps to offer customers more.
GraphicMail is becoming SharpSpring Mail+ — and the difference is more than a name change.

The "Plus" in SharpSpring Mail+

SharpSpring Mail+ is a next-generation solution that goes beyond traditional email marketing. It offers a robust set of features unparalleled in the industry, giving marketers the tools and information they need to send smarter, more effective email campaigns.

Evolution of GraphicMail

About a year ago, we asked ourselves:

"What would it take to provide customers the best email marketing solution on the market?"

We looked at the feedback customers gave us over the years. We examined GraphicMail's most popular features.

And we researched trends in marketing, and what marketers need to be successful now and in the future.

The result? We developed SharpSpring Mail+
- a next-generation email marketing solution that includes the best of GraphicMail plus so much more.

Feature Highlights

Superior Email Delivery

SharpSpring Mail+ is built on top of SMTP's world-class email delivery platform. With over a decade of experience in getting billions of emails into the inbox, SMTP is the industry leader in email deliverability.

Unlimited Users and Audit Trials

Limit access and protect data by assigning privileges with user roles. SharpSpring Mail+ creates an audit trial so you can see who creates and edits lists, forms, emails and workflows

Email Editor Built for Designers

Build beautiful, responsive emails quickly with the SharpSpring Mail+ drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG editor - no coding required. The intuitive split-screen allows you to continually preview your designs, rearrange content blocks, and incorporate your brand elements quickly and easily.

Dynamic Email Content

She likes cats. He likes dogs. Send one email that speaks to both. Use dynamic email content to display different images, messages and CTAs based on each contact’s unique attributes, interests and behaviors, without the need to create individual customized emails.

Behavioral-Based Tracking and Insights

Know where contacts go after the click. SharpSpring Mail+ goes beyond simple delivery, open and click reporting by tracking what contacts do “after the click.” Track every page visit, and build custom lists and emails based on each specific contact's interests.

Enhanced Contact Manager

People are more than a name and email address. The contact manager in SharpSpring Mail+ includes photos, links to social media accounts, like Facebook and LinkedIn, and a visual timeline of how they're interacting with your brand — opens, clicks, form fill outs, and page visits.

Advanced Form Builder

Build and update forms in minutes with the SharpSpring Mail+ drag-and-drop editor — no web developer needed. Use CSS to customize forms to fit your brand, and add custom fields to capture data important to you. Site tracking auto-populates fields for return visitors, improving form conversion.

Advanced Segmentation

Demographic info is boring. Use after-the-click tracking to see every page a contact visits, so you know exactly what makes them tick. Use this behavioral-based information to send relevant emails that convert.

Dynamic List Builder

Create rules-based lists that update automatically. Add or remove contacts based on the actions they take, such as filling out a form or visiting a specific page on your website.

Basic Marketing Automation

Use workflows and tasks to keep contacts engaged and react to their behaviors automatically. For example, launch a drip campaign that educates customers over the course of their purchase decision, and send a discount offer when the contact appears ready to buy - completely automatically.

Simple User Interface with Contextual Help

SharpSpring Mail+'s intuitive interface is backed up by a contextual help library of over 100 videos and articles. No need to search for them, they are available on each page of the app — right where you need them. Just click the icon to launch SpringBoard help, and gain an overlay explaining what everything does.

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